• Stable 0.2.2 645b92ba51

    Refactoring, notifications, gratitude, translations and bugfixes

    blue released this 1 year ago | 3 commits to master since this release

    Bug fixes

    • now when you remove an account it actually gets removed
    • segfault on uninitialized Availability in some rare occasions
    • fixed crash when you open a dialog with someone that has only error messages in archive
    • message height is now calculated correctly on Chinese and Japanese paragraphs
    • the app doesn't crash on SIGINT anymore


    • there is a way to disable an account and it wouldn't connect when you change availability
    • if you cancel password query an account becomes inactive and doesn't annoy you anymore
    • if you filled password field and chose KWallet as a storage Squawk wouldn't ask you again for the same password
    • if left the password field empty and chose KWallet as a storage Squawk will try to get that password from KWallet before asking you to input it
    • accounts now connect to the server asynchronously - if one is stopped on password prompt another is connecting
    • actualized translations, added English localization file

    New features

    • new "About" window with links, license, gratitudes
    • if the authentication failed Squawk will ask again for your password and login
    • now there is an amount of unread messages showing on top of Squawk launcher icon
    • notifications now have buttons to open a conversation or to mark that message as read
  • Pre-Release 0.2.1 4786388822

    Basic settings and message correction

    blue released this 1 year ago | 30 commits to master since this release

    Bug fixes

    • build in release mode now no longer spams warnings
    • build now correctly installs all build plugin libs
    • a bug where the correction message was received, the indication was on but the text didn't actually change
    • message body now doesn't intecept context menu from the whole message
    • message input now doesn't increase font when you remove everything from it


    • reduced amount of places where platform specific path separator is used
    • now message input is automatically focused when you open a dialog or a room
    • what() method on unhandled exception now actually tells what happened

    New features

    • the settings are here! You con config different stuff from there
    • now it's possible to set up different qt styles from settings
    • if you have KConfig nad KConfigWidgets packages installed - you can choose from global color schemes
    • it's possible now to choose a folder where squawk is going to store downloaded files
    • now you can correct your message
  • Pre-Release 0.2.0 4d3ba6b11f

    0.2.0 New message line

    blue released this 1 year ago | 49 commits to master since this release

    Bug fixes

    • carbon copies switches on again after reconnection
    • requesting the history of the current chat after reconnection
    • global availability (in drop down list) gets restored after reconnection
    • status icon in active chat changes when presence of the pen pal changes
    • infinite progress when open the dialogue with something that has no history to show
    • fallback icons for buttons, when no supported theme is installed (shunf4)
    • better handling messages with no id (shunf4)
    • removed dependency: uuid, now it's on Qt (shunf4)
    • better requesting latest history (shunf4)


    • slightly reduced the traffic on the startup by not requesting history of all MUCs
    • completely rewritten message feed, now it works way faster and looks cooler
    • OPTIONAL RUNTIME dependency: "KIO Widgets" that is supposed to allow you to open a file in your default file manager
    • show in folder now is supposed to try it's best to show file in folder, even you don't have KIO installed
    • once uploaded local files don't get second time uploaded - the remote URL is reused
    • way better compilation time (vae)

    New features

    • pasting images from clipboard to attachment (shunf4)
    • possible compilation for windows and macOS (shunf4)
  • Pre-Release 0.1.5 a543eb1aef

    0.1.5 Bugfix alpha pre release

    blue released this 3 years ago | 142 commits to master since this release

    Bug fixes

    • error with sending attached files to the conference
    • error with building on lower versions of QXmpp
    • error on the first access to the conference database
    • quit now actually quits the app
    • history in MUC now works properly and requests messages from server
    • error with handling non lower cased JIDs
    • some workaround upon reconnection
  • Pre-Release 0.1.4 bdca0aa6b1

    0.1.4 Feature alpha pre release

    blue released this 3 years ago | 157 commits to master since this release

    New features

    • message line now is in the same window with roster (new window dialog is still able to opened on context menu)
    • several new ways to manage your account password:
      • store it in plain text with the config (like it always was)
      • store it in config jammed (local hashing with the constant seed, not secure at all but might look like it is)
      • ask the account password on each program launch
      • store it in KWallet which is dynamically loaded
    • dragging into conversation now attach files

    Bug fixes

    • never updating MUC avatars now get updated
    • going offline related segfault fix
    • statuses now behave better: they wrap if they don't fit, you can select them, you can follow links from there
    • messages and statuses don't loose content if you use < ore > symbols
    • now avatars of those who are not in the MUC right now but was also display next to the message
    • fix crash on attempt to attach the same file for the second time
  • Pre-Release 0.1.3 b309100f99

    0.1.3 Bugfix alpha pre release

    blue released this 3 years ago | 168 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • delivery states for the messages
    • delivery receipts now work for real
    • avatars in MUCs
    • edited messages now display correctly
    • restyling to get better look with different desktop themes


    • clickable links now detects better
    • fixed lost messages that came with no ID
    • avatar related fixes
    • message carbons now get turned on only if the server supports them
    • progress spinner fix
    • files in dialog now have better comment
  • Pre-Release 0.1.2 efc90e18c3

    0.1.2 Bugfix alpha pre release

    blue released this 4 years ago | 186 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • icons in roster for conferences
    • pal avatar in dialog window
    • avatars next to every message in dialog windows (not in conferences yet)
    • roster window position and size now are stored in config
    • expanded accounts and groups are stored in config
    • availability (from top combobox) now is stored in config


    • segfault when sending more then one attached file
    • wrong path and name of saving file
    • wrong message syntax when attaching file and writing text in the save message
    • problem with links highlighting in dialog
    • project building fixes
  • Pre-Release 0.1.1 09a946c204

    Second alpha release

    blue released this 4 years ago | 196 commits to master since this release

    New version has a lot of bug fixes, memory leaks fixes.

    Additionally to the previous release features this version of the program allows

    • to exchange files via HTTP File Upload
    • to download VCards of your contacts
    • to upload your VCard with information about your contact phones email addresses, names, career information and avatar
    • to see avatars of your contacts in roster and in notifications
  • Pre-Release 0.0.5 e2db64157e

    First alpha release

    blue released this 4 years ago | 226 commits to master since this release

    This version of the program allowes to

    • chat directly
    • have multiple accounts
    • add contacts
    • remove contacts
    • assign contact to different groups
    • chat in MUCs
    • join MUCs, leave them, keep them subscribed or unsubscribed
    • download attachmets
    • keep local history
    • have desktop notifications of new messages