• 0.2.2 645b92ba51

    blue released this 2022-05-05 17:50:07 +00:00 | 3 commits to master since this release

    Bug fixes

    • now when you remove an account it actually gets removed
    • segfault on uninitialized Availability in some rare occasions
    • fixed crash when you open a dialog with someone that has only error messages in archive
    • message height is now calculated correctly on Chinese and Japanese paragraphs
    • the app doesn't crash on SIGINT anymore


    • there is a way to disable an account and it wouldn't connect when you change availability
    • if you cancel password query an account becomes inactive and doesn't annoy you anymore
    • if you filled password field and chose KWallet as a storage Squawk wouldn't ask you again for the same password
    • if left the password field empty and chose KWallet as a storage Squawk will try to get that password from KWallet before asking you to input it
    • accounts now connect to the server asynchronously - if one is stopped on password prompt another is connecting
    • actualized translations, added English localization file

    New features

    • new "About" window with links, license, gratitudes
    • if the authentication failed Squawk will ask again for your password and login
    • now there is an amount of unread messages showing on top of Squawk launcher icon
    • notifications now have buttons to open a conversation or to mark that message as read