• 0.2.1 4786388822

    blue released this 2022-04-02 12:55:27 +00:00 | 30 commits to master since this release

    Bug fixes

    • build in release mode now no longer spams warnings
    • build now correctly installs all build plugin libs
    • a bug where the correction message was received, the indication was on but the text didn't actually change
    • message body now doesn't intecept context menu from the whole message
    • message input now doesn't increase font when you remove everything from it


    • reduced amount of places where platform specific path separator is used
    • now message input is automatically focused when you open a dialog or a room
    • what() method on unhandled exception now actually tells what happened

    New features

    • the settings are here! You con config different stuff from there
    • now it's possible to set up different qt styles from settings
    • if you have KConfig nad KConfigWidgets packages installed - you can choose from global color schemes
    • it's possible now to choose a folder where squawk is going to store downloaded files
    • now you can correct your message