• Pre-Release 0.1.4 bdca0aa6b1

    0.1.4 Feature alpha pre release

    blue released this 1 year ago | 20 commits to master since this release

    New features

    • message line now is in the same window with roster (new window dialog is still able to opened on context menu)
    • several new ways to manage your account password:
      • store it in plain text with the config (like it always was)
      • store it in config jammed (local hashing with the constant seed, not secure at all but might look like it is)
      • ask the account password on each program launch
      • store it in KWallet which is dynamically loaded
    • dragging into conversation now attach files

    Bug fixes

    • never updating MUC avatars now get updated
    • going offline related segfault fix
    • statuses now behave better: they wrap if they don't fit, you can select them, you can follow links from there
    • messages and statuses don't loose content if you use < ore > symbols
    • now avatars of those who are not in the MUC right now but was also display next to the message
    • fix crash on attempt to attach the same file for the second time