165 Commits (5f64321c2abb23c08368e44ff69944196de1d4db)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Blue 5f64321c2a fix compilation on older qt versions 11 months ago
  Blue a543eb1aef 0.1.5 11 months ago
  Blue 480c78cf61 non lower cased jids error handled 11 months ago
  Blue 0dcfc5eedc some better cleanup and restore state on connect disconnect, workaround for that wired undefined condition error on every other reconnection 1 year ago
  Blue 87426ee20f account refactoring 1 year ago
  Blue 20bcae5ab2 finally history works in mucs 1 year ago
  Blue 6b65910ded stanzaId based muc archive request, account object refactoring 1 year ago
  Blue 9ca4aa29d4 started account refactoring 1 year ago
  Blue a625ecb47b Merge pull request 'rosterReferences' (#39) from rosterReferences into master 1 year ago
  Blue 55ae5858b5 some workaround about disconnection segfault 1 year ago
  Blue 9c855553c5 referencing seems to be working now 1 year ago
  Blue 83a2e6af85 first prototype 1 year ago
  Blue 494afcf2b5 initial class reference 1 year ago
  Blue a8698cc94f minor bugfixes 1 year ago
  Blue b50ce146b8 attaching messages fix, bad alloc fix 1 year ago
  Blue 6657dc79ce qxmpp bump, ifdef to assemble on lower versions 1 year ago
  Blue bdca0aa6b1 Merge pull request 'safePasswords' (#36) from safePasswords into master 1 year ago
  Blue cb44b12a7e 0.1.4 kwallet optimisation related fix, DnD files into convs, visual fixes 1 year ago
  Blue 21c7d65027 offline avatars in mucs 1 year ago
  Blue 29c7d31c89 context menu now doesn't select items, just temporarily, statuses and messahes html wrapping fix 1 year ago
  Blue a77dfd191a single window mode 1 year ago
  Blue b95028e33e testing, ability to build without kwallet, translations, disabling unsupported storage types in combobox 1 year ago
  Blue 543538fc56 first working prototype of dynamically loaded kwallet storage 1 year ago
  Blue 7ce27d1c11 pasword storing options: jammed an alwaysAsk, external lib for password jamming, changelog 1 year ago
  Blue 95f0d4008a minor fix about updating muc avatars 1 year ago
  Blue 3477226367 first moves to safe pasword storing, preparing the structure 1 year ago
  Blue ddfb3419cc Shared namespace refactoring, enum class refactoring, going offline related crash fix 1 year ago
  Blue b309100f99 0.1.3 release 1 year ago
  Blue c793f56647 a little bit of restyling, now the integration with transparent themes is supposed to be better 1 year ago
  Blue ff2c9831cf corrected messages now are supposed to display correctly 1 year ago
  Blue fe1ae8567a Message receipt manager not takes care of the message reception, switched on embedded reconnect 1 year ago
  Blue 57d6e3adab Message error handling as state, errorText to store, fake ID for message without 1 year ago
  Blue 91cc851bfc delivery statuses now actually mean something for MUC messages 1 year ago
  Blue 6d1b83d0f8 ui logick of changing message, not connected yet 1 year ago
  Blue ed56cca2e7 some visual tweaks, moving on message delivery statuses 1 year ago
  Blue a4136ff9fe progress spinner fix, new lines in messages now display again 1 year ago
  Blue 565449f176 bug with selection, some right padding to the avatars 1 year ago
  Blue 626227db93 file comment fix, avatar dropping bug fix, url detection bug fix 1 year ago
  Blue 13a1970047 a method for setting states to messages 1 year ago
  Blue ad1977f05f badges and screenshots in readme typo 1 year ago
  Blue 0a4c4aa042 badges and screenshots in readme typo 1 year ago
  Blue 5e7c247bb4 badges and screenshots in readme 1 year ago
  Blue 5a59d54b18 first thoughts on message states 1 year ago
  Blue 52efc2b1a4 now we have avatars in muc chats 1 year ago
  Blue 55703c2007 muc participant avatars 1 year ago
  Blue efc90e18c3 verion bump 2 years ago
  Blue 3e594c7e13 connectivity, roster position size and state, expanded anccounts and groups restoration with the settings 2 years ago
  Blue 0bcfd779b8 some bugs and corner cases 2 years ago
  Blue dd62f84acc pal avatars in one on one dialogs 2 years ago
  Blue f13b43d38b some bug fixes, initial work on avatars in dialog windows 2 years ago