301 Commits (fontMeasure)

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Blue 1f065f23e6
double click word selection handle, sigint sermentation fault fix 3 months ago
Blue 3c48577eee
selection message body now actually working 3 months ago
Blue 0340db7f2f
first successfull attempt to visualize selection on message body 3 months ago
Blue c3a45ec58c
merge conflicts, text copying from context menu in message line 3 months ago
Blue 7ba94e9deb
link clicking and hovering in message body now works! 3 months ago
Blue eac87e713f
seem to have found a text block, to activate with the click later 3 months ago
Blue d86e2c28a0
an attempt to display text in a better way with QTextDocument + QTextBrowser 3 months ago
Blue 2fcc432aef
some polish 3 months ago
Blue e58213b294
Now notifications have actions! Some more usefull functions to roster model 4 months ago
Blue 3916aec358
unread messages count now is displayed on the launcher icon 4 months ago
Blue 721d3a1a89
refactoring: UI squawk now belongs to a new class, it enables me doing trayed mode, when main window is destroyed 4 months ago
Blue 83cb220175
better notification sending, edited message now modifies notification (or sends), little structure change 4 months ago
Blue 18859cb960
first ideas for notifications 4 months ago
Blue 4c20a314f0
a crash fix on one of archive corner cases 4 months ago
Blue 51ac1ac709
first attempt 4 months ago
Blue 8f949277f6
actual pasword reasking on failed authentication 4 months ago
Blue ce686e121b
account removal bugfix, some testing 4 months ago
Blue f64e5c2df0
account connect/disconnect now activate/deactivate, it's a bit less contraversial; async account password asking new concept 4 months ago
Blue 2c26c7e264
ui squawk refactoring 4 months ago
Blue 69e0c88d8d
account refactoring, pep support discovery started 4 months ago
Blue 82d54ba4df
Report bugs tab and thanks to tab in about widget 4 months ago
Blue 1b66fda318
License is now can be viewed locally, some organization name packaging issies 4 months ago
Blue 9f746d203b
new tab in About: components 4 months ago
Blue 27377e0ec5
first attempt to make About window 4 months ago
Blue 4baa3bccbf
new screenshot 4 months ago
Blue 4786388822
0.2.1 4 months ago
Blue 62f02c18d7
now you can't edit messages with attachments: no other client actually allowes that, and if I edit they don't handle it properly anyway 4 months ago
Blue 1fcd403dba
testing, solved unhandled exception, conditions to restrict old message to be edited, license un some files that used to miss them 4 months ago
Blue 5f6691067a
minor bugfixes about message body, automatic focus and that quirk with font becomming bigger 4 months ago
Blue 788c6ca556
now it's possible to fix your messages 4 months ago
Blue bf4a27f35d
Bug with the edited message fixed, some further work on message correction 4 months ago
Blue 0823b35148
removed unused old message line files, first thoughts on message edition 6 months ago
Blue 73b1b58a96
Downloads folder now is movable 6 months ago
Blue d8b5ccb2da
downloaded files now stored with squawk:// prefix, that way I can move downloads folder without messing up the database 6 months ago
Blue 243edff8bd
first thoughts about downloads path changing 6 months ago
Blue da19eb86bb
color theme setting is now working 6 months ago
Blue 0ff9f12157
new optional KDE Frameworks plugin to support system color schemes 6 months ago
Blue 802e2f11a1
may be a bit better quit handling 7 months ago
Blue c708c33a92
basic theme changing 7 months ago
Blue a8a7ce2538
some more thoughts about settings widgets 7 months ago
Blue 841e526e59
just some toying with designer 7 months ago
Blue 6bee149e6b
started to work on settings 7 months ago
Blue 62a59eb7a1
Added logs for Shura to help me to debug a download attachment issue 7 months ago
Blue 296328f12d
a bit of polish 7 months ago
Blue 4d3ba6b11f
0.2.0 finalization 7 months ago
Blue 8a2658e4fc
message bubbles, avatar rounding, roster adjusments 7 months ago
Blue 9ac0ca10f3
avatar painting is returned to delegate; sender names now are not painted in every message 7 months ago
Blue 7130e674c4
some warnings fixed, new way of drawing avatars in message line 7 months ago
Blue e27ae1a82f Merge pull request 'remove ./signalcatcher_win32.cpp' (#58) from shunf4/squawk:feat/adapt_win_osx_msgf into messageFeed 10 months ago
Blue 1aa2b5a539 Merge pull request 'Fixes for Windows' (#57) from shunf4/squawk:fix/win_fix into messageFeed 10 months ago