Patches to ungoogled_chromium for qtwebengine
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6.6.3 first 2024-04-30 14:31:57 +00:00
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This is a bash script to apply the ungoogled_chromium patches to qtwebengine on Gentoo. You should be able to modify it for other source distributions in an obvious way, but as Gentoo builds from sources, its most straightforward to do on it.

The patches have been edited to exclude the patches that dont apply to qtwebengine - the browser parts. You can select and add to the list. The patches have also been patched to remove the portions of a patch that do not apply to qtwebengine, i.e. files that are not in it. There's nothing fancy in the patches to the patches - just removing sections of the patch.

These patches are specific to each release of qtwebengine as it is specific to a given release of chromium. In general the patches apply cleanly, but sometimes with a little fuzz. The may even apply to a newer version of ungoogled_chromium with a little more fuzz, and adding to the list of patches any new ones that apply.