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  • node
  • npm
  • gcc


# bash
git clone --
cd LemonJS

gcc -o ./lemon-src/lemon-js -O2 ./lemon-src/lemon-js.c


node main.js --c=<your_config>.js --t=<web|node>

Example (One minute start)

Also you can build example config


node main.js
#or test if want check work
node test.js


You need create your config.js from config.template or config.example

var config = {
    lemon_bin: "./lemon-src/lemon-js", // папка с исходниками лемона
    input_path: "parser_template/", // папка с шаблоном парсера
    output_path: "out/", // папка куда будет выгружен файл
    file_name: "parser", // имя файла шаблона
    flags: "-l", // флаги для ./lemon-js
    require_template: "require_js/" // Папка для шаблона require_js/
cat config.template > config.js
# or
cat config.example > config.js


Also you can test your parser

node test.js --c=<your_config>.js


You can use this syntax for include your *.y file.


Special Directives

See lemon.html for additional documentation.

  • %name - Set parser class name (default is “Parse”)
  • %include - Include code in the beginning of file (usefull for imports)
  • %code - Include code in the end of file (usefull for exports or main code)
  • %token_destructor - Define code which will be executed on token destruction.
  • %default_destructor
  • %token_prefix - Define token name prefix.
  • %syntax_error - Define custom error handler for syntax erorrs.
  • %parse_accept - Define handler for all accepted tokens.
  • %parse_failure - Define handler for parse errors.
  • %stack_overflow - Define handler for stack overflow.
  • %extra_argument - NOT SUPPORTED
  • %token_type - NOT SUPPORTED
  • %default_type - NOT SUPPORTED
  • %stack_size - Set default stack size.
  • %start_symbol
  • %left - Set left associative tokens.
  • %right - Set right associative tokens.
  • %nonassoc - Set non associative tokens.
  • %destructor - Define custom parser destructor.
  • %type - NOT SUPPORTED
  • %fallback - Define fallback logic for tokens.
  • %wildcard - Define WILDCARD token.
  • %token_class - NOT SUPPORTED


Used re2js lexer from:

Original project