Desktop Qt based XMPP messenger
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* Squawk messenger.
* Copyright (C) 2019 Yury Gubich <>
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#include <QObject>
#include <QCryptographicHash>
#include <QFile>
#include <QMimeDatabase>
#include <QStandardPaths>
#include <QDir>
#include <QTimer>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <QXmppRosterManager.h>
#include <QXmppCarbonManager.h>
#include <QXmppDiscoveryManager.h>
#include <QXmppMamManager.h>
#include <QXmppMucManager.h>
#include <QXmppClient.h>
#include <QXmppBookmarkManager.h>
#include <QXmppBookmarkSet.h>
#include <QXmppUploadRequestManager.h>
#include <QXmppVCardIq.h>
#include <QXmppVCardManager.h>
#include <QXmppMessageReceiptManager.h>
#include "shared.h"
#include "contact.h"
#include "conference.h"
#include "networkaccess.h"
#include "handlers/messagehandler.h"
#include "handlers/rosterhandler.h"
namespace Core
class Account : public QObject
friend class MessageHandler;
friend class RosterHandler;
const QString& p_login,
const QString& p_server,
const QString& p_password,
const QString& p_name,
NetworkAccess* p_net,
QObject* parent = 0);
Shared::ConnectionState getState() const;
QString getName() const;
QString getLogin() const;
QString getServer() const;
QString getPassword() const;
QString getResource() const;
QString getAvatarPath() const;
Shared::Availability getAvailability() const;
Shared::AccountPassword getPasswordType() const;
void setName(const QString& p_name);
void setLogin(const QString& p_login);
void setServer(const QString& p_server);
void setPassword(const QString& p_password);
void setResource(const QString& p_resource);
void setAvailability(Shared::Availability avail);
void setPasswordType(Shared::AccountPassword pt);
QString getFullJid() const;
void sendMessage(const Shared::Message& data);
void sendMessage(const Shared::Message& data, const QString& path);
void requestArchive(const QString& jid, int count, const QString& before);
void subscribeToContact(const QString& jid, const QString& reason);
void unsubscribeFromContact(const QString& jid, const QString& reason);
void removeContactRequest(const QString& jid);
void addContactRequest(const QString& jid, const QString& name, const QSet<QString>& groups);
void addContactToGroupRequest(const QString& jid, const QString& groupName);
void removeContactFromGroupRequest(const QString& jid, const QString& groupName);
void renameContactRequest(const QString& jid, const QString& newName);
void setRoomJoined(const QString& jid, bool joined);
void setRoomAutoJoin(const QString& jid, bool joined);
void removeRoomRequest(const QString& jid);
void addRoomRequest(const QString& jid, const QString& nick, const QString& password, bool autoJoin);
void uploadVCard(const Shared::VCard& card);
public slots:
void connect();
void disconnect();
void reconnect();
void requestVCard(const QString& jid);
void changed(const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void connectionStateChanged(Shared::ConnectionState);
void availabilityChanged(Shared::Availability);
void addGroup(const QString& name);
void removeGroup(const QString& name);
void addRoom(const QString& jid, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void changeRoom(const QString& jid, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void removeRoom(const QString& jid);
void addContact(const QString& jid, const QString& group, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void removeContact(const QString& jid);
void removeContact(const QString& jid, const QString& group);
void changeContact(const QString& jid, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void addPresence(const QString& jid, const QString& name, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void removePresence(const QString& jid, const QString& name);
void message(const Shared::Message& data);
void changeMessage(const QString& jid, const QString& id, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void responseArchive(const QString& jid, const std::list<Shared::Message>& list);
void error(const QString& text);
void addRoomParticipant(const QString& jid, const QString& nickName, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void changeRoomParticipant(const QString& jid, const QString& nickName, const QMap<QString, QVariant>& data);
void removeRoomParticipant(const QString& jid, const QString& nickName);
void receivedVCard(const QString& jid, const Shared::VCard& card);
void uploadFile(const QFileInfo& file, const QUrl& set, const QUrl& get, QMap<QString, QString> headers);
void uploadFileError(const QString& messageId, const QString& error);
QString name;
std::map<QString, QString> archiveQueries;
QXmppClient client;
QXmppConfiguration config;
QXmppPresence presence;
Shared::ConnectionState state;
QXmppCarbonManager* cm;
QXmppMamManager* am;
QXmppMucManager* mm;
QXmppBookmarkManager* bm;
QXmppRosterManager* rm;
QXmppVCardManager* vm;
QXmppUploadRequestManager* um;
QXmppDiscoveryManager* dm;
QXmppMessageReceiptManager* rcpm;
bool reconnectScheduled;
QTimer* reconnectTimer;
std::set<QString> pendingVCardRequests;
QString avatarHash;
QString avatarType;
bool ownVCardRequestInProgress;
NetworkAccess* network;
Shared::AccountPassword passwordType;
MessageHandler* mh;
RosterHandler* rh;
private slots:
void onClientStateChange(QXmppClient::State state);
void onClientError(QXmppClient::Error err);
void onPresenceReceived(const QXmppPresence& presence);
void onContactNeedHistory(const QString& before, const QString& after, const QDateTime& at);
void onMamMessageReceived(const QString& bareJid, const QXmppMessage& message);
void onMamResultsReceived(const QString &queryId, const QXmppResultSetReply &resultSetReply, bool complete);
void onMamLog(QXmppLogger::MessageType type, const QString &msg);
void onVCardReceived(const QXmppVCardIq& card);
void onOwnVCardReceived(const QXmppVCardIq& card);
void onDiscoveryItemsReceived (const QXmppDiscoveryIq& items);
void onDiscoveryInfoReceived (const QXmppDiscoveryIq& info);
void handleDisconnection();
void onReconnectTimer();
void initializeVCard(Shared::VCard& vCard, const QXmppVCardIq& card);
void initializeQXmppVCard(QXmppVCardIq& card, const Shared::VCard& vCard);
#endif // CORE_ACCOUNT_H