23 Commits (3a120c773a9c1db16c544303b24331cd27e8326a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Blue 3a120c773a reconnection issues 9 months ago
  Blue b50ce146b8 attaching messages fix, bad alloc fix 1 year ago
  Blue cb44b12a7e 0.1.4 kwallet optimisation related fix, DnD files into convs, visual fixes 1 year ago
  Blue 29c7d31c89 context menu now doesn't select items, just temporarily, statuses and messahes html wrapping fix 1 year ago
  Blue a77dfd191a single window mode 1 year ago
  Blue ddfb3419cc Shared namespace refactoring, enum class refactoring, going offline related crash fix 1 year ago
  Blue c793f56647 a little bit of restyling, now the integration with transparent themes is supposed to be better 1 year ago
  Blue 6d1b83d0f8 ui logick of changing message, not connected yet 1 year ago
  Blue ed56cca2e7 some visual tweaks, moving on message delivery statuses 1 year ago
  Blue dd62f84acc pal avatars in one on one dialogs 1 year ago
  Blue f13b43d38b some bug fixes, initial work on avatars in dialog windows 1 year ago
  Blue 326eef864b some fixes about uploading, some error handling 2 years ago
  Blue 166a7ac83a first working prototype of file upload 2 years ago
  Blue 7c32056918 working on file upload 2 years ago
  Blue 100b2e8943 some creepy file attaching gui, not sending yet 2 years ago
  Blue 2089d6af86 download files error handling 2 years ago
  Blue cc54c6393a aspectRation handling for images, other then images types of downloads, progress fix, labels, context menu to open files 2 years ago
  Blue 59f539c460 yet not working button to download offered files 2 years ago
  Blue 0574d6f72b fix for presences in MUCs, fix for memory limit in message history, fix for message line resizing, started working on messages 2 years ago
  Blue 5f8d38bd9a icon and tooltip information in participants, saving bookmarks, subscription and unsubscription, deletion of MUCs 2 years ago
  Blue a51907b810 joining groups on opening them, leaving on closing 2 years ago
  Blue 023494de0b initial functionality of mucs 2 years ago
  Blue e2cc1bae2e separating chat from conversation in ui 2 years ago
  Blue c8a33710e6 started to devide contact and MUC, license, readme, attach icon 2 years ago
  Blue 12511b1864 fallback availabiluty icons, chatty icon 2 years ago
  Blue e456ba980d tooltips, status text fetching, window titles, app icon 2 years ago
  Blue 3d15682b37 fancy shadows in conversations 2 years ago
  Blue b2699e0087 better new message handling, subscription with adding new contact, out of roster contacts handling 2 years ago
  Blue da3151391b First working prototype of history requesting, dates in messages, some screen scrolling handling 2 years ago
  Blue e04f7db7c2 duck taped annoying scroll problem, started with local archive 2 years ago
  Blue fad72d8db2 very bad and basic archive support 2 years ago
  Blue 48e735b0e9 Carbon copies basic support 2 years ago
  Blue e48444636a Refactoring, new messages thread beggining 2 years ago
  Blue 5575cff1f5 basic sending messages 2 years ago
  Blue d3f537856f Enter key event binding in chat 2 years ago
  Blue 3cc53dfaf6 primitive messages receiving 2 years ago
  Blue 4775c7b700 basic conversation window binding 2 years ago
  Blue 1cbcad44af conversation ui draft 2 years ago