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  Tolstoevsky d35613d7ad дополнительная информация 11 months ago
  Tolstoevsky 075dd44d85 Устав и агитки 11 months ago
  Tolstoevsky 5f07b883be Устав и агитки 11 months ago
  a 524190e57c git link added 1 year ago
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  Tolstoevsky 98500064f0 mastodonsocial.ru removed from recommendations 1 year ago
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  Tolstoevsky c6a180d46f inedx 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky c58ed0ad7f index 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky 2a791ed8dc lesser resolutions 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky f4c4305d8a Каскадная (1024-800-640) ширина основного раздела 1 year ago
  Blue 40be83613e a lil bit of tweaks for addaptive, some unification 1 year ago
  Blue 2d8640ab34 Merge remote-tracking branch 'tolstoevsky/master' 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky 2146889197 актуализация 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky c11cd3eda4 low resolutiin fix 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky b21bf24ea3 low resolution fix 1 year ago
  EOIN GAIRLEOG 1f27043784 Еще пара мелочей в тексте 1 year ago
  EOIN GAIRLEOG 6f629d33a0 Пара опечаток и оборотов 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky 43d7ff294c Merge branch 'master' of Tolstoevsky/switching into master 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky f8472036f3 tutanota f-droid 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky 7ba223f17d tutanota is back 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky f184d99b72 cock.li 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky 018213e444 sdasdd 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky f0d657ad7f Merge branch 'master' of http://git.macaw.me:3000/blue/switching 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky bfa3ad3876 одного забыл 1 year ago
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  Tolstoevsky b0b1e7b18b Switching.social copyleft added 1 year ago
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  Tolstoevsky 89dd4c987b typo 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky eaa971ebf2 Косметика и копилефт 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky c3b5c17197 Buttons and GLAGNE 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky 967ea36388 fix again 1 year ago
  Tolstoevsky f50221b8c0 fix 1 year ago
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